Agricultural Statistics At a Glance 2009

S.No. Details Page No.
1. Contents, Message, Foreword, Preface, Acronyms, Conversion Table, Methodology of Crop Estimation and National Income and Socio-Economic Indicators. 1 – 51
2. National Income and Socio-Economic Indicators, Outlays, Expenditure and Capital Formation in Agriculture and Area, Production and Yield of Principal Crops. 52 – 92
3. Area, Production and Yield of Principal Crops. 93 – 143
4. Yield of Principal Crops, Area and Yield under High Yielding Varieties and Area, Production and Yield of Horticulture & Plantation Crops. 144 – 202
5. Index Numbers and Growth Rates, Area, Production and Yield of Major Crops in Different Countries, Minimum Support Prices/ Marketed Surplus Ratios, Procurement by Public Agencies, Per Capita Net Availability, Consumption and Stocks and Agricultural Subsidies. 203 – 246
6. Imports/ Exports/ Inflation Rates, Land Use Statistics and Inputs. 247 – 300
7. Agricultural Census, Situation Assessment Survey of Farmers, Ceiling on Land Holdings and Wages for Agricultural Workers, Livestock, Fish Production, Management of Natural Disasters, Conversion Factors between Important Primary and Secondary Agricultural Commodities and Appendices (I – VII). 301 – 359

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