Cost Studies (CS)

Among the different Agricultural Economic policies pursued by the Government of India, the Agricultural Price Policy has been playing a significant role in bringing about noticeable changes in the production and productivity of the agricultural sector. Under its Price policy, the union Government announces Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) of important agricultural commodities based inter-alia, on the recommendations of Commission for Agricultural Cost and Prices (CACP). The cost of Production of Agricultural crops is the most important factor that CACP considers while making its recommendations of MSPs to the Government. These Cost of cultivation/production estimates are generated by the Cost Study Division (CS) of Directorate of Economics and Statistics through Comprehensive Scheme for studying Cost of Cultivation of Principal Crops in India. The Scheme was initiated in 1970-71 on the recommendation of a technical committee on indices of input cost appointed by Government of India.

Last updated : 20-10-2022, 05:54 AM