Food Economics (FE)

1. Fixation and announcement of Minimum Support Prices for Kharif & Rabi Crops. This involves

  1. Examination of Price Policy Report of Kharif Crops (14 crops) viz. paddy, jowar, bajra, maize, ragi, tur (arhar), moong, urad, groundnut, soybean (yellow), sunflower seed, sesamum, nigerseed, cotton and Rabi Crops (6 crops) wheat, barley, gram, masur (lentil), rapeseed & mustard, safflower, published by the Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices.
  2. Seeking comments/views from the State Governments/UT administrations on the Price Policy report and follow-up with the state governments for the comments
  3. Analysis of procurement trends, wholesale prices and MSP trends, inflation levels, production trends, import-export policy for various crops etc.
  4. Draft CCEA Note on the above
  5. Inter-ministerial consultation and follow-up with concerned Ministries/Departments.
  6. Press Release, Talking Points for Agriculture Minister and Communication Plan (English and Hindi).
  7. Finalisation of CCEA Note and submission of same to PMO & Cabinet Secretariat
    and responding to various queries of Cabinet Secretariat and PMO.
  8. Post announcement of MSP, issue notification to the State Governments/ UT Administration, divisions of DAC&FW, Additional Secretaries and Joint Secretaries of DAC&FW; OM to IT Division for posting on M-Kisan Portal etc
  9. Request to the concerned Divisions/Departments for action on non-price recommendations. Follow-up with them and prepare a Status Note on the same.

2. Parliament related Matters

  1. Handling of Parliament Questions(Starred/Unstarred Questions), Private Members Bill, VIP references/PMO references, Rule 377/Special mention, Zero Hour, Cut Motion, Calling Attention, Verbatim, Parliament Assurances and the issues related to Parliamentary Standing Committee

3. Other Miscellaneous Work

  1. Handling of Court Cases related to MSP, RTI Applications & appeals, Public Grievances and Representations received from States.
  2. In addition, FE Division provides inputs for various matters i.e. E samiksha portal, updates on the budget para, Economic Survey, Annual Report, SDG Indicator, Per Capita Net Availability of Foodgrains, various standing committee matters, queries from secretary and AM’s office, Monthly Review of Foodgrains Procurement, Monthly DO, Hindi Report and other additional work as assigned by Additional Secretary/Sr ESA.

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