Prices & Markets ( P&M)

Providing wholesale prices data to the DPIIT for the compilation of Wholesale Price Index (WPI).

Current WPI (Base Year 2011-12) : Data provided for

  • 109 Commodities (80 earlier)
  • 237 Markets (153 earlier)
  • 905 Quotations (404 earlier)

Providing inputs for the weekly IMC review meeting on prices held by the D/o F&PD and Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) meeting convened by the D/o Consumer Affairs

Providing inputs for the COS & SOM meetings pertaining to agriculture commodity prices.

Maintaining DES data portal on Agricultural Prices

  • Wholesale Prices
  • Retail Prices
  • Farm Harvest Prices
  • International Price

Releases two annual publications, viz. Agricultural Prices in India and Farm Harvest Prices of Principal Crops in India

Working Group set up under the Chairmanship of Dr. Ramesh Chand, Member NITI Ayog, for the revision of Base Year for WPI. In this regard, a Subgroup on Agricultural Commodities under the chairmanship of Principal Adviser, DAC&FW has been constituted and the report is submitted to the DPIIT.

Participate & provide material on prices & inflation for the weekly Crop Weather Watch Group Meeting.

Country’s Food Balance Sheet (FBS) is provided to Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS), FAO regularly for four AMIS crops, viz, wheat, rice, maize, soyabean, as committed in Paris in 2011 at the G-20 meeting of Agricultural Ministers.

Monitoring International Scenario based on AMIS Market Monitor brought out by FAO, UN

Comparative analysis of WPI and CPI every month.

Analysis of weekly Intelligence Bureau (IB) Reports on prices and supply issues.

Coordination with State governments through the Market Intelligence Units of DES on various issues relating to collection, compilation, validation of price data, price behaviour and other factors relating to price of agricultural produce.

Calculating Terms of Trade Indices for both Farmers and Agriculture Sector every year.

Price information is provided to various Ministries / Departments, organisations and international institutions etc. from time to time.

Parliament Questions / VIP references pertaining to prices of agricultural commodities.

Other miscellaneous work as and when assigned.

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